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Anger Management & Anger Focused Therapy

Angry At Home, Angry At Work, Angry At Life

Individual, couple or family therapy in NW Leeds

Anger therapy with experienced Counsellor/Psychotherapist

Registered Member BACP (Accred) Reg. Cert: 017390,  BA (hons) Counselling;  Dip Counselling;  PGCert Systemic & Family Therapy, Systemic Practitioner, Clinical Supervisor, EMDR Therapist

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Location - Horsforth, Leeds LS18, West Yorkshire

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Anger: in the family, between partners or parents, at work or even on the road. Arguing, fighting, shouting, aggression, intimidation, invading people's personal space, being 'in your face', Road Rage, the Cold Shoulder, being Sent To Coventry; and this barely scratches the surface! Anger can be destructive to you, to your career and to your relationships, family and loved ones. But you don't have to let anger be in charge of your existence - if you want to, you can resolve it and live free from constant conflict with others.

Resolve Conflict & Anger - Weekend Anger Group within easy reach of Leeds, Manchester, York, Hull, Sheffield, Tyne & Wear and surrounding districts

Most years, I have run a number of weekend groups - one-off, intensive weekend sessions, where people come both to learn about anger and tackle the main issues that drive it. I strive to make it a place where you can come and focus on what's happening to you and begin your own journey to recovery.  In a group, you will meet and work with other people also struggling with anger (see Anger Groups), and that in itself can be deeply healing.

Among other things, approaching this through a weekend group allows anyone from the north of England to attend as there are several decent hotels in the area. Weekend Anger Groups run in Horsforth, Leeds (LS18) and are within reasonable travelling distance from Manchester, York, Sheffield, Hull, Tyne & Wear and surrounding districts.

Unfortunately, I am not presently running this group, and so the best way to work with me to resolve your anger issues is to contact me directly. See below for more on how to do that.

Working in individual, couples or family sessions.

I also see many people on their own as a couple or family to help them resolve this challenging outcome to their lives. I entering a group seems to intimidating, or you think working through the issues with your partner or family will help most, this might be the right approach for you. Have a look at my main counselling and psychotherapy webite and make contact with me to make an appointment.

Steve Cordingley

My name is Steve Cordingley (see Professional Profile), and I am a BACP Accredited, qualified counsellor & psychotherapist carrying appropriate insurance for working with individuals, couples, families and groups (see Counselling, a link to my main counselling and psychotherapy site).

On this site, you will find information on how I work with anger and some advice on overcoming destructive anger, some Anger Tips (see Anger Tips), and some of what I regard as the essential concepts for engaging with your own healing and recovery (for example, see The Four Dimensions of Anger).

Anger Management or Anger Resolution?

I help you work on your anger by giving you tools to manage your reactions in the short-term while seeking the underlying drivers for your difficulty so that you can resolve or remove them.

Domestic Violence

Another thing to acknowledge is the issue of Domestic Violence and Abuse. If you are in a family or a relationship that you feel might be abusive, it is important to consider the issues carefully. Sometimes, domestic abuse can be dealt with through the approaches outlined here and sometimes it can't.  Safety is probably the most important consideration. See Domestic Violence for more information.

I spent 5-years retraining and qualifying as a counsellor, gaining both a diploma and an hons. degree and was accredited as a counsellor and psychotherapist by counselling's professional body, the BACP, in early 2008.  I later completed two years of post-graduate training in systemic and family therapy and a further year in Group Analytic Supervision (see Professional Profile, also links to my main site), and am a qualified clinical supervisor.

Anger isn't the only issue I work with, I am experienced in a wide range of relational, personal and work-related issues and have many thousands of hours of experience.  I have been working with individuals, couples and families struggling with anger and violence since 2003, having first resolved my long personal history with the issues surrounding this challenging outcome.  I see individuals, couples and families in Horsforth, Leeds, LS18, West Yorkshire and run groups in Horsforth also.  This site is primarily to give information about the groups.  If you are close enough to be able to come to my practice address for regular appointment, please feel free get in touch.