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Helpful Links


Adrenaline 'Dump'

A good summary of the effect of adrenaline being dumped into your bloodstream due to a perceived threat to your safety.

Communicating without words

Whether we plan to or not, we often communicate more by using our body (non-verbal communication), and the way we say the words we do use. These links may lead you to some helpful learning about yourself and how others might perceive you.

Center for Nonverbal Studies

Sadly a bit difficult to navigate, but time spent following the live links on each page we lead you through useful material on the main dominance/submission and aggression body signals.

Nonverbal Communication

Confidence Building

Confidence Building Workshops

Findley Webster, founder of radiate, says: "I wanted to introduce myself and give you some background about why I wanted to do these courses.

"I have been a model for 25 years, with experience on the catwalk, in front of the camera, TV, video and personality work and for the last 4 years have taught at a local modelling school, teaching ages ranging from 3 to 65 years."